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Terms & Conditions

The Copy Stop and each of its subsidiaries is committed to your satisfaction.  For this reason, we have a very generous 100% satisfaction guarantee.  We will do everything in our ability to make you, the customer, happy with the end product.  That is our commitment to you.  Now, there are a few things you should know about our terms of business that are designed to protect The Copy Stop and to secure a mutually beneficial working arrangement.

 Once you contract The Copy Stop, you have committed to seeing your project through to completion.  This means that you agree you will not abandon the project without first compensating The Copy Stop for any work already conducted.  In the highly unlikely event that you cancel the project before the copywritng is completed, you agree to pay a 50% “Kill Fee” (50% of the total we agreed on at the time you awarded your project to The Copy Stop).

We offer a very generous revision policy.  Revisions are defined as tweaks and adjustments to the existing copy.  We will do what is necessary to make your copy work for you. Please note that revisions do not include the substantial addition of new content, an entire rewrite or a change in your strategy following the start of your project.  Any such instances will result in additional fees.

The Copy Stop offers two payment methods.  You may pay by check, or you may pay by credit card through PayPal.  When paying by credit card through PayPal, you will be subject to a minimum of a 3% credit card processing fee.  To avoid the fee, simply pay by check.  Regardless of payment method, all payment is due within seven days following the delivery of your project.    In the event of a delayed payment, The Copy Stop reserves the right to charge an additional 1.5% for every thirty days your payment is late.  If a payment is not made, The Copy Stop reserves the right to pursue collection of all debts using a third party collection agency.

The Copy Stop does not offer refunds of any kind.

Please understand that I, Craig Mirabella, write all the copy for all of my clients.  As such, I am often booked several weeks out and may not be able to accommodate your immediate need. The Copy Stop commits to deliver your project by a mutually agreed-upon schedule.  In the rare event I am unable to meet our schedule, I will provide you ample notice and a revised delivery date. This will not affect our agreed-upon fee.

We look forward to working with you on your project and wish you a world of success.