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Whether your business markets to other business or direct to consumers, The Copy Stop can help you put together a compelling advertising campaign that will fill your mailbox or in-box with orders, make your phone ring off the hook and keep your doors swinging open all day long.  Our breadth of experience spans all marketing channels and several major industries.

We’re not specialists in any one field.  You see, good copywriters and designers like the ones at The Copy Stop are adaptive and can apply their talents across industries. We understand the basic principals of selling are applicable to all industries. And as a result, we can help you sell anything whether it’s a $1 widget or a $1 million alternative energy system.


  1. Bullet    Copywriting and Design work

  2.     Copy Critiquing Service

  3. Bullet    Direct Mail Packages

  4. Bullet    DRTV Scripts

  5. Bullet    Web Landing & Squeeze Pages

  6. Bullet    Magazine, Print, ROP Advertising

  7. Bullet    Sales e-mails

  8. Bullet    Transactional e-mails

  9. Bullet    Promotional & Product Brochures

  10. Bullet    Sales Flyers

  11. Bullet    Inbound & Outbound Telemarketing Scripts

  12. Bullet    Auto Responders

  13. Bullet    Renewal Notices

  14. Bullet    Advertorials

  15. Bullet    Editorials

  16. Bullet    Blog Articles

  17. Bullet    Marketing strategy and business plans

  18. Bullet    Campaign execution from start to finish



  1. Bullet    Insurance Services

  2. Bullet    Financial Services

  3. Bullet    District Energy

  4. Bullet    Oil & Gas

  5. Bullet    Print Services

  6. Bullet    Financial Management

  7. Bullet    Health & Weight Loss

  8. Bullet    Publishing, Magazines, Books

  9. Bullet    Music & Entertainment

  10. Bullet    Clubs & Continuities

  11. Bullet    Collectibles

  12. Bullet    Commercial Payments

  13. Bullet    Broadband Services

  14. Bullet    Automotive   

  15. Bullet    Recreational Vehicles

  16. Bullet    Electronics

  17. Bullet    Cleaning Services

  18. Bullet    Education

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